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The Window

At three in the morning, fluorescent hospital lights burn your eyes, force you to squint and wish for cool moonless nights or dark sunglasses. When you have a hangover from shared wine and too much tearful laughter, the lights can cause you to swear you’ll never drink again. Especially when you are trying to look inconspicuous while sneaking in to see your partner.


Long Cool Blondie In A Black Tux

This songfic is definitely an AU fantasy.
A songfic inspired by Long Cool Woman by the Hollies

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I lost my virginity last weekend...

I have a confession to make. I have never watched Sweet Revenge. Oh, I know the plot, saw all the music vids, even wrote a few related stories. I know Starsky... Starsky... DIES.

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Ice & Fire

Image by the talented Nicol Tyler

Starsky POV Sweet Revenge

Ice & Fire

Flowin' through my veins
Ice jam in my frozen brain
Freezing water movin' fast
Over milestones of the past.

Caught in a blindin' ice storm
Accumulated whiteness fights the warm
Takin' my last painful breath away
Chiseled truths I'll never say.

Standin' in the barren waste
Icicles form on my hair and face
A sculpture of crystal draws my eye
His perfect form frozen in my memory.

I hear a rumble in the gloom
A fire erupts like the crack of doom
Engulfs the statue that holds my heart
Heat waves pulse and ice turns to spark

In the flames a figure rises slowly
Unscathed he walks calmly towards me
A Golden body with eyes of blue flame
I run to him without any shame.

He wraps me in his lovin' embrace
He carries my body out of this place
I no longer feel the ache of cold
Safe in the arms of a warrior bold.

A Visit To Starsky's House

‘Twas the week before Christmas, and at Dave Starsky’s
A Menorah glowed brightly, next to a Christmas tree.
Starsky’s good buddy, Hutch was ensconced on the couch
Watching old Christmas movies and being a grouch.

Starsky had the spirit and kept Christmas well
While Hutch hated the season and often would tell
His dearest friend Starsk, to just leave him be,
Grumbling about euphoric sentimentality.

Starsky knew Hutch was all bark and no bite
So he planned a surprise on this pre-Christmas night.
For Starsky was Santa’s number one helper elf
And Santa said Hutch never thought of himself.

Starsky was puzzled. What was Hutch missing?
Chestnuts or yule logs or mistletoe kissing?
He thunk and he thunk, looking for the truth.
What was wrong with his midwestern friend from Duluth?

Starsky listened to carols of three kings so wise
Following a star in a cold desert sky
He wished he could be as wise as those three
And Lo! A wish was granted to David Starsky

The idea was as brilliant as that long ago star
Starsky went shopping in his Christmas red car
Came home and hid the surprise present for Hutch
Starsky smiled ‘cause he loved his partner so much.

‘Twas now the time for the movie “White Christmas”
Starsky snuggled next to Hutch and said, “I never miss this!”
Hutch sighed and tried to enjoy the show
Even had half a smile when Bing and Danny sang “Snow”

Starsky went to the kitchen when commercial time came
He told Hutch on the couch he had to remain
No matter what kind of loud noises he heard
Hutch was to stay put and not say a word

Hutch closed his eyes and wondered what that elf
Was going to do in the kitchen by himself
Hutch started to sing the song from the movie
Reminding him of how Christmas used to be

“Snow, snow, snow, snow, snow
Where it's snowing
All winter through
That's where I want to be
Snowball throwing
That's what I'll do
How I'm longing to ski
Through the snow”

Then all at once there arose such a clatter
Hutch jumped off the couch to see what was the matter
Starsky admonished, “You stay where you are!”
“I’ve got everything under control, so far!”

Hutch sat down and heard a loud “crack!”
Starsky came towards him, hands behind his back
And a grin on his face that would light up Bay City
“Hutch! Close those baby blue eyes so pretty!”

“Now, Hutch, I know you love me and the sun
But Christmas time with no snow ain’t so fun.
So me and Santa got you a surprise
And now is the time to open your eyes.”

When what to his wondering eyes did appear
But two snow cones flavored with coke and root beer
Hutch was astounded and opened his mouth
But try as he might could not get the words out.

Starsky said, “I got you a Frosty snow cone maker
So you could have snow anytime, now or later!
I sure hope you like it, ‘cause I know you miss snow
And white Christmas’s like the one's you used to know.”

A still silent Hutch took a coke flavored cone
The sweet flavored ice brought him back to his home
But standing before him dressed in red and green
Was the best Christmas present he had ever received

Hutch stood and carefully handled his cone of snow
He embraced and kissed his Starsky without mistletoe
For no matter the month, Hutch didn’t need a reason
Starsky was his Happy Holiday, every day in every season

And then, in a twinkling, they heard on the roof
The prancing and pawing of each little hoof
Around the two partners, snow started to fall
They heard Santa exclaim, “Happy Christmas to all!”

Lady Paris

Last year I spent most of my writing time living in the imaginary France in my head. I was writing for the Sherlock fandom at the time and exploring Provence and Paris with my John and Sherlock. The result a long fanfic (80,000 words) and a blog about John Watson's lost poems and Sherlock and John's life in France.

Now, when the real Paris needs our support I offer a poem. The spirit of Paris and her people will never be subdued.

Lady Paris

Would I were a Parisian poet of old
Earning his bread with a quill.
Watching leafy parchment unfold
With words etched black with skill.

I would live in a Parisian garret
With French books for introspection.
A bottle of ink, some cheese and Baguette
Complete the scene of perfection.

I would walk the Paris Rues
Enchanted by her joie de vivre.
And a day spent in silence at the Louvre
Would give back hope and a will to live.

Hear the Eiffel Tower sing to the sky above
A song of men and iron beams.
See the city’s daughters brimming with love
Her sons ripe with artistic dreams.

The Lady Paris will share her wealth
With kindred spirits from afar,
Regardless of station, family or health
Her bounty lines the Boulevard.

I would catch but a fleeting sight
As she dresses for her evening affair,
When laughter glitters in the night
And music sparkles in the air.

Back in my garret by the candle’s glow
Luminous dancing figures so bright
Would leap from my pen so all would know
Lady Paris is truly the city of light.

If you would like to read more:

The Eternal and Implicit Sherlock (Chapter 21 has the poem)

The Poems Of John H. Watson

A Sweetest Day Fantasy

Hey! Hutch! Did you hear about this Sweetest Day thing?

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