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Blue Steel & Blue Sky

A Second Honeymoon With Starsky & Hutch

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16 November
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I was born on a mountaintop in Switzerland with Grandfather and the goats... Wait... That's not me, that's Heidi! What's my story?

Oh! Yeah! I remember now. Bred from Brooklynites in Old New York, I spent most of my childhood being driven on the Parkway between Brooklyn where the relatives lived and Long Island where me, my brothers and parents lived. Levitz Houses and Brownstones. Long Island kids grew up with Parkways, Malls, Cement, Ocean breezes, and boats on the Sound. A strange combination. I'm a retired Midwestern Senior now who spends an a lot of time writing poems, articles on Sherlock Holmes and Starsky & Hutch fanfiction. In between Kid & Senior? I was a: Flower Child, Yoga Master, Fangirl, Feminist, McGovern Supporter, Nature Freak, First Female Pest Control Operator in NY, Environmental Health Activist, Entomologist, Health Inspector, AIDS Counselor, Antiques Appraiser, Preschool Teacher, Midwestern Wife, Mommy, Foodbank Volunteer, and Fanfiction writer. Can't wait to see what's next!

LoVeLoVeLoVe --- M.

AKA: Dolly, Morsie, Crocket, Starsky, MoMo, M. Vernet and M.

The title of my LJ comes from my Fanfic "Black Starr & Hutch Ride Again" http://archiveofourown.org/works/3136691/chapters/6800030

Hutch was simply undone. He never felt such warmth such passion aimed at him. He felt he was worth something. If Starsky loved him like this, he must be worth something. Hutch never felt that way before. Never knew a love that was accepting of him. Starsky loved him no matter what. Unconditional. Hutch reveled in the strange feeling. Hutch kissed back with everything he had.

Starsky finally pulled away, trying to catch his breath. He looked into Hutch's eyes. Steel piercing blue sky. Sky holding up blue steel.

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